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home bakery fava beans $18.0

slow cooked fava beans sautéed in garlic, lemon and cumin topped with diced tomato & parsley served with freshly baked village bread

fateh $16.0

slow cooked so chickpeas on crispy Lebanese bread, drizzled with tahini yogurt, topped with pine nuts and burnt butter

village omlette $18.0

eggs, shanglish, onion, tomato with fresh baked village bread

breakfast burger $12.0

homemade sausage patty, eggs, cheese, aioli and barbeque sauce on a steamed brioche bun

breakfast wrap $10.0

freshly baked oregano bread, whipped labne, cucumber, mint, tomato and olives

home breakfast $22.0

terracotta baked eggs, haloumi, whipped labne, Lebanese sausages, olives, served with freshly baked oregano bread

sunday breakfast $24.0

eggs your way, homemade hash brown, mushroom, spinach, grilled tomato, sausage, served with home baked sour dough toast

avo smash $21.0

two poached eggs, smashed avo, fetta, heirloom tomato, dukkha, on home baked sourdough toast

triple cheese toasty $10.0

three cheese blend toasted in sourdough, served with house pesto

chili cheese eggs $18.0

scrambled eggs in harissa and mozzarella, served on sourdough with a side of chili ricotta

home benni

two poached eggs, spinach, grilled asparagus, hollandaise, with your choice smoked salmon or chili smoked turkey on home baked sour dough

french toast $18.0

knefeh french toast, rose water syrup, seasonal fruits and hand whipped cream topped with crushed pistachio

classic stack $18.0

three buttermilk pancakes, seasonal fruit, whipped butter and maple syrup

açai bowl $16.9

açai with chia, nuts, granola, coconut and seasonal fruit


milkshake $7.0

chocolate or strawberry

cookies & cream crush $8.0

snickers delight $8.0

iced latte / chocolate $6.0


regular coffee $4.0

large coffee $4.5

espresso $3.5

chai latte $4.5

belgium hot chocolate $6.0

tea $5.0

english breakfast, chamomile, green, peppermint, earl grey, lemon grass ginger, chamomile

decaf $0.5

soy / almond / lactose free $0.5

extra shot $0.5

Burgers/ wraps

grilled chicken burger $17.0

char grilled chicken llet, lettuce tomato, cheese, carrot, with your choice of chili or lemon and herb aioli on a brioche bun, served with chips

dirty south $17.0

crispy fried chicken tenders, lettuce, cheese, house made pickle, garlic aioli on a sesame and poppy seed brioche bun, served with chips

wagyu beef $19.0

ground wagyu beef patty, lettuce, onion, beetroot, cheese, house mack sauce on a brioche bun, served with chips

crispy fish burger $17.0

crispy battered snapper cocktails, cheese, lettuce, and homemade tartare on a brioche bun, served with chips

falafel wrap $17.0

homemade falafel, lettuce, tomato, parsley, pickles, and sumac tarator on lebanese bread, served with chips

pesto chicken wrap $17.0

pesto marinated chicken strips, guac, cheese, and baby rocket in a spinach and herb wrap, served with chips

kafta wrap $17.0

char grilled ka a, lettuce, onion and parsley salad, green pickles & hummus in lebanese bread, served with chips

shawarma wrap $17.0

grilled marinated beef strips, lettuce, tomato, green pickle & sumac tarator on lebanese bread, served with chips


hashbrown $3.0

spiach $3.0

halloumi $3.0

sausage $3.0

2 Lebanese sausages $3.0

egg $3.0

turkey $3.0

mushroom $3.0

salmon $3.0

Turkish beef pastrami $3.0


avo go $8.0

avocado, banana, honey, condensed milk, low fat milk

mango passion $8.0

mango and passionfruit puree

banana rific $8.0

banana, honey, vanilla yoghurt, cinnamon, low fat milk

warrior $8.0

banana , dates, coconut nectar, peanut butter, low fat milk


fresh juices $7.5

orange, apple, watermelon, pineapple, ginger and turmeric

sunkist $7.5

watermelon, mango, strawberry & passionfruit

greenmix $7.5

mint, spinach, celery and apple

lemon, lime and mint $7.5

home made lemonade, fresh mint leaves, splash of lime and crushed ice

soft drinks $4.0

coke, coke zero, sprite, fanta

sparkling water $5.0

still water $4.0

V glass $8.0


Lamb cutlets $30.0

rosemary and garlic chargrilled lamb cutlets on a bed of turmeric and vegie rice, with a side of mint yogurt

chicken and chips $24.0

marinated spatchcock served with chips, salad and garlic dip

chicken schnitzel $25.0

southern fried chicken tenders served with chips and salad with a side of mushroom sauce

garlic prawns $28.0

grilled king prawns, served with spaghetti in a creamy garlic sauce

la salmon $30.0

pan seared salmon, mash and veggies topped with dill and capper cream

hummus and lamb $22.0

smooth and tangy homemade hummus topped with lamb chunks and pine nuts served with fresh baked village bread

fish and chips $25.0

sh of the day lightly crumbed and shallow fried, chips, salad served with homemade tartar

kafta skewers $22.0

chargrilled ka a skewers served on a bed of onion and parsley salad with a side of hummus and fresh baked village bread


fattoush $16.0

nely chopped seasonal veggies, parsley, crispy Lebanese bread topped with sweet and sour pomegranate dressing

tabouli $16.0

nely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, shallots, quinoa dressed in lemon and olive oil

greek salad $14.0

tomato cucumber, onion, capsicum, Greek feta, Kalamata olives dressed with balsamic dressing

basil pesto pasta $16.0

penne pasta, tomato, olives, basil leaves, grated parmesan, pine nuts dressed in a homemade pesto mayonnaise

For the Kiddies

mini pizza $8.0

your choice of 2 mini pizzas

cheese toastie $7.5

scrambled eggs on toast $10.0

crispy fried chicken tenders $10.0

served with chips

cheeseburger & chips $10.0

mini pancakes $8.0

kids orange or apple juice $4.0


bowl of chips $7.0

bowl of sweet potato fries $8.0

bowl of wedges $12.0


chicken bowl $18.0

portuguese grilled chicken, quinoa, sweet potato, sautéed kale, cherry tomatoes & spanish onion topped with peri peri mayo

vego bowl $18.0

brown rice, carrot, pumpkin, sautéed kale, cauli ower tahini, cabbage pickle, popcorn falafel

salmon bowl $20.0

grilled salmon let, brown rice, sautéed kale, spanish onion, red peppers, sweet potato & broccolini topped with almonds and soy sweet chili

shawarma bowl $18.0

grilled marinated beef strips, steamed rice, sautéed onion and red peppers, & cabbage pickle, topped with sumac tarator

kafta bowl $18.0

grilled ka a skewers, steam rice, lebanese salad, hummos and mint yogurt sauce
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